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Take control of sculpting and shaping your body as you desire. Achieve your body goals with Body Smoothing. This technology uses a combination of Radio-Frequency and Low Frequency Ultrasound to disrupt the fibrosis and fat cells. This procedure is ideal for treating cellulite, reducing soft spongy pockets of fat and to tighten the skin for a firmer, leaner look, especially effective for a post baby jelly belly!

By mechanically agitating the fibrosis and fat cells, the waste fat is expelled from the cells and then eliminated through the metabolism, and excretory organs, thanks to improved blood microcirculation. The radio frequency drains the adipocyte (fat cell), whilst the ultrasound waves permanently remove the waste for the body metabolism and lymphatic system to eliminate it to smooth cellulite and reshape bulky fatty areas.

For best results, you will need to commit to a course of 8-10 treatments. This treatments is best performed weekly for five weeks, then fortnightly for the remaining two treatments. We will conduct a thorough consultation prior to ensure we have the correct treatment modality for your body concern.

Fat Freezing is the answer to non-surgical body sculpting and a fantastic option to consider for weight and body image goals. Shed unwanted stubborn pockets of fat for good and be in the shape you want for your body.

Temple feels it so important to say that your body is your body. No one should ever make you feel ashamed of it. But for those looking to get rid of fat pockets that you have not been able to shake off at the gym, or even with proper nutrition alone, then opt for Fat Freezing. This is a safe, effective and fast option for sculpting areas that seem to be genetically just how your body shape is, such as back fat, belly fat, inner thigh fat, outer thigh 'saddle bag' area and even arm fat. It is clinically proven to reduce Fat Cells or Adipose Tissue on the treated area by 10 to 28% per treatment.

The fat cells leave your body naturally though the digestive and waste elimination system of the body. Many people have more than one area they want to treat. To make quicker progress, most clients choose a new area to target every two weeks up to up to a maximum of 10 areas.  Our machine has the ability to treat two areas the size of your hand, within the one hour session. Our body contouring specialists will first consult you, to design a personalised package right for you and your desired results. The best thing is the fat never comes back!

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HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which targets multiple layers in your skin, is a great alternative for dissolving thin layers of fat and tightening loose flaccid skin. One of the main layers we work within the skin with HIFU is the SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System). This is a network of elastics responsible for keeping the skin structure and support in place. The HIFU energy creates micro-dot injuries (Thermal Coagulation Points or TCP’s) under the surface of the skin and at varying depths. This process is clinically proven to lift and tighten the skin in the treated areas, as the surrounding tissues contract and heal while creating new collagen around the micro-dots. We can also adjust the HIFU dots to be treating superficial subcutaneous (fat) layer also to break down adipose fat tissue to sculpt the body.

This results in a painless, non-surgical skin tightening effect, which postpones the need for surgery and avoids lengthy recovery times. In-motion HIFU uses a layered delivery of the HIFU dots and therefore virtually no sensation is experienced during the treatment. There is no down time to this treatment and because we use the most advanced technology you will have natural results in the firmness of your skin. HIFU lifting and tightening offers amazing results for excess fatty deposits in the under bra fat area and excess fatty deposits in upper arm area. At Temple, we also love this treatment for clients wishing to tighten loose flaccid skin under the upper arm area and post baby 'jellly belly'. 

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Our Lymphatic Drainage Dr Wraps are a must if you suffer from sluggish lymphatic drainage, excess fluid retention, aching legs or simply need a good detox.  The Lymphatic System carries the waste materials away from the body's cells and improves circulation, thereby bringing in the nutrients to the cells.

Stagnation of fluid makes the cells become exposed to an increased toxic condition. Dr Wraps detoxifies to help various patients recover from skin imperfections by promoting blood and lymph circulation, metabolism and weight loss. The Dr Wraps system is a full body air compression garment that pumps air into seperate chambers slowly up the leg from the tips of your toes all the way up your torso, pumping the lymph and circulation.  This system can be used in two ways... clients can enjoy the drainage of the compression pants alone whilst having a facial as an add on service, or you can enjoy the full detox and drainage benefits from our specialised herbal bandages wrapped around your area of concern whilst wearing the pants to infuse all the herbal ingredients for maximum results.

A healthy and natural way to getting your ideal weight and body image goals at Temple.

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